Airborne Tatical Course

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Airborne Tactical Course

Have you ever wanted to shoot out of a Helicopter? Duh who hasn’t right. How about shooting a machine gun? Why not do both at the same time…!

Now’s your chance. MTK ARMS LLC our parent company, is proud to announce a new line of airborne tactical courses.¬†

You know you’ve always wanted to shoot out of a Helicopter. Here’s your chance to cross this off your bucket list. We will teach you the fundamentals of what it takes to shoot from an aerial platform, We’ll cover safety, sight alignment, how to hold and lead or lag the target and much more. If you choose to rent one of our machine guns. We’ll show you how to handle full auto weapons. After that it’s up to you to control the Adrenaline rush that comes from shooting from an aerial platform…!…It is out of this world fun.

We have several Full Auto Firearms available to rent. Or you can bring your own rifle.

Note: (Your rifle is subject to inspection and approval by instructor before use. Ammo not included.)

Course calendar  2015 :

(Note course dates are subject to change depending on class size & weather)

August 22 2015 Saturday 9am

September 26 2015 Saturday 9am

October 24 2015 Saturday 9am

November 21 2015 Saturday 9am



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